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Hello and welcome to The Wolf Crossing.  Since  the mid - pleistocene period

wolves have played a huge role in the lives of mankind, sometimes  as friends

sometimes as foes.  While occupying various culture’s fears and fascinations

these amazing animals have proven to be a resilient and quite adaptive

species. One of the most amazing ways these animals have adapted has been

through domestication. To date, all domestic dog breeds share a  common

genetic bond with their wolf ancestors of long ago. This website was created to

showcase our favorite wolfdog companions, dispel some canine myths and to

share some history surrounding these  magnificent but often misunderstood

animals.  For the greater part of the last three decades we have been working

with our own wolfdogs, selectively breeding them for the most desirable

physical and behavioral traits, in order to create wolf ambassadors for education and photography projects. Over the years our animals have played a role in many

film projects and educational programs that have been attended by thousands

of people. Currently we are not offering any services or programs but will be in 2020


                                                                                            Thanks for visiting.

Mace and Terie Loftus

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