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Damrell does not show up again (in the newspapers) until about four months later when he rolls into Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The following advertisement was in the June 1, 1912 edition of the The Stevens Point Daily Journal.





































This where our historical archives search finds for the first time that Mr. and Mrs. Damrell are travelling coast to coast. The big question is from what coast to what coast? They could not have possibly been talking about the West coast to the East coast, could they? Looking further we find the Damrells made it to Grand Rapids, Wisconsin a week later. The Janesville Daily Gazette reports that indeed they are headed for New York City !!! That’s east of Wisconsin so that would mean they came from the west coast.

Mr. Damrell also states in this news account that he caught two of his wolves near his home in Mellen and had raised the others and broke them to harness so that they made excellent time over the roads. This article now leaves me wondering what happened to getting the
















two from the Irvine Park zoo? I am sure there is probably a logical explanation. On July 30, 1912 The Damrells and their team arrive in Racine, Wisconsin. According to the Racine Journal News they created quite a sensation when they drove up main street with four timber wolves. Scores of people flocked in front of the Bijou theatre, where they stopped. This article now refers to Damrell as “Professor Damrell” and states that he has travelled from Minneapolis and that his animals were captured when quite young and were raised on a bottle. The oldest are four years old and the youngest are two. Prof. and Mrs. Damrell have been on the road since May 15th and before they started the Damrells were proprietors of a general store in Ashland. Again they claim that they are on their way to New York City. Now the stories are starting to not add up. What happened to wolf number “Five”?


On October 17th 1912 The Decatur Review Reports that J.R. Damrell and wife driving a team of  wolves came into Decatur (Illinois) about 5:00 o’clock and attracted no small amount of  attention. Mr. Damrell is doing some advertising work and is driving from the Atlantic to the  Pacific. His team is composed of three Siberian wolves, one husky, one large Alaskan dog and one timber wolf. Mr. Damrell expects to reach the end of his journey by the middle of December and if he completes the journey he will accept an offer to go to work for the Panama Exposition for two years. The team has made as high as fifty two miles a day but on the average it makes about forty miles.

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