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Hello my name is Terie and I have a great life! My husband and I are privileged to live with many beautiful wolfdogs. This story is about my buddies Minnik and Mannai, two Arctic wolfdogs with whom I have shared many great and memorable experiences. Have you ever had a dog that you had a special connection with? That special animal that seems to know how to read your mind and you know how to read theirs? Well, that is what happens every time Minnik, Mannai and I get together. Since the day they were born I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that these animals are in my life because of a larger purpose.


Professionally our animals are used as photography models. We have great times when we go out on photo shoots. We take our animals into natural settings to capture their personalities and beauty through photographs. My job is to set up the shots for the photographers, and this is not always an easy task! A lot of preparation goes into each photo shoot. Usually, we will go deep into the high deserts of Northern Nevada to get just the right settings for photos of these amazing animals. At times Minnik and Mannai just want to play instead of posing like the big beautiful wolf that everyone usually sees.

Minnik, Mannai and Me

Minnik and Mannai have such playful personalities that sometimes it is difficult to get them to stop playing with me and get down to business! This can be embarrassing, especially if we are on a professional shoot with different wildlife photographers. In

this particular case, my husband Mace

and I decide to go out to do our own private photo shoot.



We went out late in the season with Minnik and Mannai to capture them in a natural setting. The chosen location was not far from our home and was pretty easy to get into with a 4wd truck. The ground had just a little snow at the time and the temperatures were pretty cold. This is just the right weather for two wolfdogs with full winter coats! I waited to let them out of the truck until Mace was set up and ready to shoot. It is important to be mindful of camera bags, lenses, extra

tripods or whatever you may have around to complete the job, because wolfdogs are excellent thieves! Minnik and Mannai will steal anything they can get their mouths around if you aren’t paying close enough attention.


Things are in order and now I am ready for a great day with the two. I open the back of the truck’s containment to let them out.  Minnik and Mannai storm the gate and jump off the back of the truck. They run around for a little while like children

that just got to go out for recess to

play! Now that they have burned off a bit of energy, the fun begins.  I always let them get their run around time done at the beginning of a shoot.

By Terie Loftus