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Slim Williams - World Famous Wolf-Dog Musher

                     A picturesque viking from the North! 

    A bronzed figure who might have stepped out of a story book so nearly does he resemble that type of character which one pictures as a part of the land of ice and snow. A man whose face has been furrowed by icy winds bearing down from the Arctic!  An indlvidual of such commanding personality that after talking with him, one regards it as natural that he should undertake something never before successfully done by a man and does not doubt for a minute that anything but magnificent success could crown his efforts. The man is "Slim" Williams.

   Not with humor with with esteem one might describe as a "husky" from the North who arrived in Uniontown Saturday night with his far-famed dog team which is carrying him to the capital of the United States where a conference with President Roosevelt awaits him by a promise of The First Lady of the Land who after attending the Century of Progress last summer said of "Slim"; "He has the most penetrating steel-blue eyes I've ever seen. They seem to look beyond the horizon to the far away places."

   It was the lure of the northland which took "Slim" from a cozy home in California 32 years ago to the adventurous life of the North country. He established his home in Copper Center, Alaska. Living there did not dull his appreciation and love of the land but rather Increased it to the end that he and his dog team set out November 20, 1932, to travel to the capital of the United States to seek legislation which will permit a road to be built through British Columbia uniting Oraville, Washington, and Circle City, Alaska. English territory separates the mainland of the United States and Its territory of Alaska and the peoples of the latter country have long sought federal aid in establishing a road to uinite them.

                                     At the World's Fair

   Mr. Williams is modest about expressing possibility of the outcome of his conference but he did confess that he has every reason to believe that it will not fail. The International Highway Association of Alaska and the Yukon Territory is sponsoring his trip.

    When he arrived in Chicago -last summer after his famous trek overland, with his dog team, Mr. Williams had won such fame that he was induced to remain at the Century of Progress for six weeks. He left there with his dog team November 14 and is making the journey in easy stages so as to reach the national capital just after Congress convenes in January. His journey from its very inception has been surrounded with colorful incidents and to a News Standard reporter who talked with him a few moments yesterday afternoon he recounted some of them while disclosing other details of the journey.

    He started from Copper Center, November 20, 1932, without stove, tent or compass and with only the stars, the trees and the sun to guide him. His route carried him through Dawson City, White Horse, Atlin and Telegraph Creek and after covering 1800 miles through the wildest sections of Alaska and-British Columbia he reached civilization at Hazelton, B.C. On sections of this trip he traveled as far as 500 miles without seeing one human being. Cooking over an open fire and sleeping in his sled were part of the journey which was tinged with tragedy when the wolves along Forty Mile river killed one of his favorite dogs.



Reported by the Uniontown News Standard Dec. 11 1933

First Lady-Eleanor Roosevelt and Slim Williams

From Alaska to Washington D.C.

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