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Wolf Radio 1931

In the latest scheme to rid Siberia of Wolves, the packs will be located by means of radiophones mounted on trees to pick up the howls and flash them by short wave radio to “central station”.

When wolf packs have been located over radiophone at central station a patrol of volunteer hunters will be dispatched to exterminate the animals.

   Radio telephones placed at intervals throughout the wolf-infested regions of Siberia so that the whereabouts of these dangerous pests can easily be discovered is the latest means proposed by Soviet Officials to rid the vast plains of the country of the wolf menace which has long been an obstacle to settlement and safe travel.  These radiophones will be set up on posts and trees and will flash the howl of wolves by short wave wireless to a central station, thus indicating the presence of these animals within the radius of some station, so that a patrol of hunters can be dispatched immediately to the spot to exterminate the pack.

  Howls of wolves running in packs are often audible for several miles over the silent Siberian plains, and as there are scarcely any interfering noises the radiophone system will have no difficulty in revealing the whereabouts of wolf pests.

This concept originally appeared in the July 1931 edition of Modern Mechanix. It is one more example of how media propaganda has sensationalized and reinforced a negative public perception of wolves.

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